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Grace – This simply means undeserved favor.  We believe that because we are sinners by nature and by choice, we do not deserve God’s goodness.  In spite of who we are, God has chosen to extend His favor toward us by saving us from our sin and its penalty.

Baptist – We choose to identify ourselves in practice with the historic principles held for centuries by Baptists.  The following are among these principles:

  1. Bible authority – the Bible is the only and sufficient authority for what to believe and practice.
  2. Autonomous & Independent – While interacting with other churches and ministries, our church is self-governing.  Decisions for the church are made internally by the congregation in scheduled church business meetings.
  3. Priesthood of the believer – that is, every believer can pray directly to God through Jesus Christ without a human mediator.
  4. Two ordinances – Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as memorial symbols.
  5. Individual soul liberty – every individual has the right to interpret the Scriptures, to believe, profess, and worship as he or she wishes.
  6. Regenerate church membership – only those who openly confess Jesus Christ as Savior can become members of a Baptist church.
  7. Two offices – The offices of pastor and deacon are the only recognized and required offices in the local church.
  8. Separation of the church and state – While every believer should respect, sustain, and obey civil authority, as long as it does not cause violation to conscience or Scriptural convictions, there should not be an organic union of the church and state.

Church – We consider the church as composed of believers in Jesus Christ.  It can be viewed in a general sense of all believers in Christ since the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).  It can be viewed as a body of believers who gathered in a local assembly to carry out the commands of Christ.